"Kind Gesture" *** 30g Chocolate Bar FOR FREE in each order ***

An "Eco-Gift for an Eco Friend"

A custom made "Eco-Gift for an Eco Friend"

Details of the occasion & the recipient:

This beautiful Gift Hamper was created as a Birthday Gift for a Lady turning 40 years old. I got briefed the recipient loves all things sustainable and eco-friendly. Her favorite thing is to be outdoors and when she is on the go she would never drink a coffee from a plastic cup. (GOOD GIRL!). Furthermore, she is health-conscious but also loves and can't resist a good treat especially when it's clean and refined sugar-free. 

An inquiry like that couldn't be more perfect for COOLFOODSTUFF! I combined the following products which couldn't suit more the lifestyle of the birthday girl, needless to say, the sender was very pleased and had no adjustments to make! Nailed it..

Products included:

  • Keep Cup for on the go by Huskee | an Australian designed & made coffee cup made out of the coffee husk, which has won several awards for its outstanding, Scandinavian inspired design - until today a bestseller in my shop.
  • Reusable Waterbottle, stainless steel & vegan leather by BLACK PLUM for outdoor adventures 
  • String Net for her groceries from the farmers market by  Apple Green Duck
  • Beeswax Wraps by Sustomi to keep her leftovers fresh without using plastic foil, in a stylish monochrome color optic.
  • The Oceans Necklace by Spindrift Collections. Recycled Silver & recycled beach glass (7 stones) all handmade, celebrating the love and beauty of our nature and the northern beaches lifestyle. Also one of my bestsellers in my shop! (will be online soon)
  • Chocolate by Alter Eco, flavor "burnt caramel", refined sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, fairtrade and super delicious 
  • Chocolate by Pana Organics, flavor "mint". "60% cacao with pure essential peppermint oil. Boosts energy levels, improves mental clarity. For after dinner. And breakfast. And lunch."
  • Raspberry & Almond Ganache by Pana Organics. "Perfectly roasted almonds mixed with refreshing tarty raspberry pieces. Perfect for picnics, grazing boards, or a night in with your favorite red." 

Packaging : 

I choose this cute & stylish plywood crate. I "pimped" it with my grey belly band and coolfoodstuff sticker which says "SOMETHING COOL FOR YOU". A Gift Tag which says "AN ECO-GIFT FOR AN ECO-FRIEND" is sticking out of the crate to give it a more playful character. I organized as well a couple of roses and dried flowers to be added in to achieve that "OMG - this looks so lovely" moment! 

I just love it when the customer is 100% happy! 

Cost : 

AU$ 206.00 for all products & complete packaging and added details.

If you like to inquire a custom made gift set or hamper for your upcoming occasion- I am ready when you are!

And if you like to inquire several Gifts for your clients, team-mates, favorite teachers, or your entire family which lives overseas :) - I am also ready when you are! Cheers Juliane 

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