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Dirty secret of a tea towel

Dish towels (otherwise know as tea towels) are a great way to add colour and design to a kitchen with a really functional item. There’s such a huge range of different types and designs available, you’re bound to find the right ones for whatever style or look you want. And the beautiful thing is – you can never have too many. Obviously, as well as providing decoration, dish towels are indispensable in the kitchen, being used to not only dry dishes but dry hands, mop up spills, hold glassware as it air-dries and dry your rinsed veggies too.

Most of us would probably have two or three on hand in the kitchen at any given time.
With such an important role to play, it’s a no-brainer that kitchen towels need to be washed quite often. But how often? The answer to that is partly, “it depends” but also, “more often than you think”. Some people say that you should wash them at least every other day, but that probably depends on what you’ve been using them for, and how often. If you’ve used a dish cloth to wipe up anything to do with raw meat or eggs, you should change it over and then wash it straight away, to avoid the chance of any food-borne illness. With light use, changing them over and washing them every few days should be fine to keep everything fresh and clean in your kitchen.

When it’s laundry time, it’s okay to throw some dish towels in with a regular load sometimes but, if they’re really dirty, they should have special treatment. Heavily soiled dish towels are mostly likely germ-ridden, and they should be washed in a separate load from regular laundry using hot water. If they’re really bad, a little bleach added to the water can work wonders, and lots of people swear by baking soda, vinegar, or both.
Even with lots of TLC, your favourite dish towels won’t stay looking good forever. Eventually, they’ll start to fade, get holes or lose their shape, but that’s when they can be relocated to the rag basket in readiness for cleaning up after pets or other heavy-duty jobs. Besides, then you’ll have the excuse to go shopping for some beautiful new kitchen towels!

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