Pottery Obsession

We’re going potty about pottery! Here at COOLFOODSTUFF™, we think the current trend towards handmade pottery is fantastic for all sorts of reasons.

Pottery has been made by people for at least ten thousand years, and in fact it’s the first type of material that humans learned to create. There’s something fascinating about being in a museum or art gallery and gazing at a pottery vase or jug that was made by human hands many thousands of years ago, and trying to imagine the person that created it. In our quest to become more mindful and connected to the earth around us, what could be better than to enjoy collecting handmade pottery items, which are fashioned from the earth itself.

If you want your kitchen to be truly unique, handmade pottery and ceramic pieces like mugs, plates, jugs, vases or all sorts of other cookware, homeware or decorative items are an essential ingredient.

Handmade items are a great way to bring character and individuality to the heart of your home. By its very nature, the act of handcrafting pottery produces items that are all different, because of the human touch that is vital to the creation of the product.

Even if a potter tried to make two things exactly the same, there would always be some tiny differences, such as in the shape of the piece or its thickness, or in the colour or pattern of its glaze. Handmade pottery is always perfectly imperfect – and that’s the charm of pottery, with every item being unique and special.

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by things that are machine-made and mass produced, which may be functional and cheap but don’t have any character or charm. Unfortunately, many of these mass-produced items are made by people who earn very little money and work in unpleasant or even harmful environments. Many of you are interested in buying ethically made and fair trade and products, and handmade pottery is a great option for providing kitchen and tableware in your home.

There’s something really special about having a one-of-a-kind item in your home, especially a beautiful one that you know has been created by a person who puts their heart and soul – not to mention their talent and skill – into crafting the things they love.

And better still – when you buy a handmade item from a small producer you are supporting an individual artist and rewarding them for their skill, their care and their creativity, and encouraging them to go on and create even more beautiful and unique items.

So share the love of all things pottery, and start your unique collection by browsing the beautiful selection of pottery and ceramic items we have here in our COOLFOODSTUFF™ concept store

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