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Hayden Youlley Design | Hayden Youlley

 Hayden Youlley at his studio in Sydney, Australia Hayden studied at The College of Fine Arts, UNSW. Without any prior experience, he chose to major in ceramics and object design. Quickly finding his feet, and more importantly his passion, he flourished.
A Whole New Level of Class is Born When Ceramic Meets Kitchenware

Looking for kitchenware and tableware that are functional, geometric, and elegant? If so, browse our range of ceramics today.

What’s so special about this collection? Well, this one perfectly blends function with form. That’s precisely why all of these pieces lend a hint of Scandinavian glamour to the space.

The picture of sophistication, this selection is handcrafted by Sydney’s Hayden Youlley; his collection is sold under the label of Hayden Youlley Design.

As an arts student, Hayden is passionate about textures, craftsmanship, and design. However, he never found any creative outlet that allowed him to express his artistic instincts. That was until he joined UNSW Art & Design where he majored in ceramics. From there, he worked in different capacities across the industry.

Soon, he decided to take a leap of faith and make designing and creating ceramics his full-time job.

That’s why when you look at all those ceramics designed by Hayden, you’ll see pure passion.

Undoubtedly, there’s something chic and effortless about these ceramics that include dinner plates, dessert bowls, coffee cups, and lots more. Their character is subtly comforting because they’re made of raw porcelain.

Hayden’s divided his range into two collections—"Paper" and "Tessellate".


This is a series of tableware that carries the look of creased paper. Youlley has captured this collection well in quite robust porcelain. This way, he successfully showcases the level of attention he’s given to both texture and form.

As explained by Hayden himself, the collection is all about putting raw porcelain to use for creating a tactile experience.


Much unlike the Paper series, Tessellate is quite a bold exploration of different geometric forms.

This is a modular series that features square, pentagonal, and triangular pieces. Because of that, this collection fits easily together with an endless range of configurations.

All the aesthetic achievements of his selections are quite substantial—whether it’s about Paper’s delicate fragility or Tessellate’s defining geometry. However, the best part is that every ceramic piece here has prioritised function above everything else.

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