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Naked Paleo

It’s Only Natural

 Quick – don’t think of purple pandas.

 You did. Didn’t you? Not to worry, it’s a normal reaction.

The same principal seems to work with limiting foods from your diet. The minute you start thinking about what you can’t have, the lamenting begins. Jen Thompson and Blake Poole of Naked Paleo are celebrating the foods you can have while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Developed in their kitchen in Dee Why after loads of encouragement from friends, their Cacao Almond Paleo Bars are now distributed Australia-wide. The bars are convenient to eat without compromising on nutrition or flavour.

What started out as a 30-day Paleo diet challenge for Jen soon became a way of living for the pair once they began to realise the benefits. Blake’s long-suffered skin was clear of eczema. They enjoyed better sleep, more energy for their beloved workouts and increased overall happiness.

However, they don’t impose militant guidelines to achieve this. “We do an 80:20 ratio of Paleo to non-Paleo eating. At the weekends we’ll have a beer or pizza with friends,” says Jen. 





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